Since 1976 Hargo has been providing specialist precision and repetition engineering services to its customers across industry. Since its inception Hargo has continually invested in its people, its technologies and in the development of products customised to the needs of its customers. Hargo specialises in CNC turning, CNC milling and CNC machining to deliver precision and repetition engineering services.

Precision engineering is a vital enabler for different industries like oil & gas, aerospace, electronics and medical devices. It is a crucial ingredient towards manufacturing of the smallest chips to cutting-edge medical devices as well as huge drill bits utilized in oil exploration.

Repetition engineering requirements from its customers in several industries has continued unabated since Hargo was first formed. Our customers require a broad range of components for their manufacturing processes. We manufacture parts from a wide variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, plastics, titanium, nickel alloy steel and many more. Hargo’s CNC Machines meet the specific needs of its customers by delivering high quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Our reputation in specialty engineering services began over 40 years ago and continues to build through customer endorsements of our commitment to helping them succeed in their own industry.



Hargo Engineering was founded in 1976 by Heinz Gogol in response to a need for high precision engineering of small to very small components in the Australian market place.

With 16 years of experience in the German engineering area supplying the watch industry Heinz was accustomed to the rigours of the industry and soon developed a reputation for the supply of high quality and competitively priced components.

The company is now led by Heinz’s son, Frank Gogol who, with his management team, continues the commitment of Hargo to deliver the highest levels of customer experience. Hargo does this by continually investing in the latest technology and the development of of its people.

Hargo is globally competitive. Its products service all Australian markets plus major export markets including those of North America and Asia.

Hargo Engineering is proud to remain an Australian owned and operated business that manufacturers all of its products in Australia to support Australian and global manufacturers.

Our Purpose

At Hargo we make complex, high precision components which are critical to the operations of other industries.

Our Purpose is to develop the advanced manufacturing industry. We believe we have an important role to play in the development of this industry and its role in supporting other industries.

Our components for the aerospace industry enable planes to fly. Our parts for surgical equipment enable surgeons to undertake life saving operations. Our components for the defence industry enable military operations in the field

All our parts for industry, therefore, focus on providing our customers with safety, security and peace of mind by supplying parts of total reliability. Our customers trust our capabilities in specialist engineering to provide this reliability.

Our People, Our Values

It is through our people that we deliver the highest levels of customer experience.

It is through our shared values, between ourselves, with our suppliers and with our customers that the foundations for success are laid.

Of most importance to us are communication, teamwork, a drive for quality and a focus on the whole of the customer experience. This means that we know that the experience of our customer is much more than the product we make. Its the way we do it that counts.

We invest in our people through our commitment to training and development. Hargo invests heavily in the training of apprentices for the advanced manufacturing industry. We are pleased to have the Australian Apprentice of the Year as part of the Hargo team.