Hargo Engineering operates with an array of the latest advanced, Swiss-type and advanced conventional CNC lathes for their CNC Machining Services. These machines are capable of high precision engineering and high production capacity.

All machines are equipped with automatic bar-feeders enabling non-stop, around the clock production.

Our CNC machines, skilled technicians and production engineers provide world class high precision services to numerous manufacturing companies in Australia and global export markets.

Our precision engineering CNC machines can successfully uphold tolerances up to 0.01mm (0.0004 inches). From acrylics to titanium, Hargo’s CNC machines can work on just about any kind of material that you possibly require and turn the final diameter as high as 330mm (13inches).

We understand that working on job orders from different industries is often a challenge especially if technicians and production engineers have no direct experience. Although we’ve worked with manufactures from dozens of different industries, we still employ specialists and domain experts to supervise machining processes.

Why Hargo for CNC Machining?

We do not take ‘quality’ for granted even though the ultra-modern equipment has various internal quality check control systems in place. We also run strict quality checks on all components. These quality checks are supervised by experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Hargo offers a full range of machining services. Once you choose Hargo as your partner for outsourcing machining jobs, you need not worry about collaborating with any third party manufacturer or service provider. Hargo Engineering has a wide network comprising of manufacturing experts, industry domain specialists and technicians.