Hargo’s CNC milling services are trusted by many customers in Australia and globally today because we offer highly flexible solutions and use innovative production engineering approach whether the job at hand is big or small.

Our machining centers cover both vertical and high speed horizontal. All of our machining centers are 4 axis and can be programmed from solid models utilizing Mastercam software. With auto pellet changers on our horizontal machines 24 hour / 7day production is achieved.

Why Hargo for CNC Milling?

Hargo employs the use of world class machines. We keep up with the latest advancements in machining methodology. To guarantee precision, advanced machinery alone is not sufficient. It is through a constant focus on the principles of precision engineering in all our engineers and production staff that we are in a position to manufacture world class precision components. This allows us to provide services at a reasonable and affordable cost for businesses of different sizes.

Our in-house production engineers supervise every manufacturing step followed by the production staff and technicians to make sure all precision components are no less than the perfect model. Right from the first contact to the final dispatch of a component, an experienced supervising engineer keeps track of the quality and precision standards. Hargo’s innovative fixturing allows repeatability, quality and value to be passed through to the customer.

As a Hargo customer, you can discuss component design with our experts at length. We are here to assist you from the first step to the last.