Hargo prides itself in quality and precision production. We employ the latest machine tools that range from 5 axis to 10 axis, which also has the ability of controlling multiple axis simultaneously. All component parts manufactured by our precision engineering machines go through a strict quality check to ensure zero errors. A majority of client requirements for CNC turning services involve metals such as brass, steel, titanium and stainless steel, we also manufacture plastic components.

Why Hargo for CNC Turning?

Our team of skilled engineers work under the guidance of highly experienced project manager to achieve client requirements. We have succeeded in retaining more than 95 percent of our customers since we first began to offer precision engineering and CNC turning services.

Hargo’s CNC Turning machines can also perform multitasking with ease and efficiency. Businesses can benefit in many by incorporating the use of such machines without losing accuracy or compromising with productivity levels. Hargo’s turnkey approach ensures components are completed from the machine in one operation guaranteeing total reliability and precision.